Sunday, December 17, 2006

3-Dimensional Durian Cake (Esplanade)

3-Dimensional Durian Cake (Esplanade)

There are times when friends request for certain cakes. This 3-Dimensional Durian Cake was a request made by my friend, Liza, for her father's birthday. Her father really loves durian! (be it the fruit form or in all other forms). Instead of the usual round cake with durian filling sandwiched between, I decided to make the cake literally into a durian shape (inspirations came from my culinary teacher, Chef Judy Koh).

I decided to blog about this cake partly because it is not a regular cake, but more importantly, it tested once again my passion and love for what i am doing. I had reached home rather late about 7pm and was about to start making the cake, when i found out that my house had a power failure. Thanks to my friend, Cedric, he kindly allowed me to use his designer kitchen to fufill this order. After packing all the equipments and ingredients, i rushed down to his place and completed the cake.

This only led me to reconfirm my passion for this bakery line and how many a times we see many success stories and fail to see the hard work behind all that. With passion breeds success. Here, I am a 21 years old guy who could well be busy partying with my friends, but instead chose to follow his dreams and passion to make the best and most sincere cakes for his friends. I will leave you with what my friend who ordered the durian cake have to say...

"A refreshing treat for a durian lover's special day; unique in design, rich in taste. =)" - Liza.

Acknowledgements for the photo goes to Liza.