Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pound Cake

Pound Cake

(Top: Pound Cake - Just out of the oven; Bottom Left: Wrapped and in the box; Bottom Right: Packed in a presentable box).

Today, on my way home, my friend ask me whether I know how to make ####### Brand Pound Cake. That setted me to think about the last time I made a pound cake.

Basically, why is it called a pound cake? Simply because the cake contains 1 pound of every ingredient a cake needs. 1 pound of flour, 1 pound of sugar, 1 pound of butter, 1 pound of eggs. In case, you do not know, 1 pound = 454 grams.

By now, you must be thinking... what a way to give us the recipe. So, I have decided to share the recipe for a pound cake proper as follows, I hope you can give it a try and feedback to me by sending me a photo of your version of this pound cake recipe. Also, do note that as this pound cake recipe has no emulsifiers and cake stabilisers, refrigerating the cake will cause it to be hard.

125 g Butter
67 g Sugar (I reduced it from 125 g because I find it too sweet).
125 g (approx 2 Nos) Eggs
125 g Self-Rising Flour, sieved
A drop Vanilla Essence (optional)

Method: Makes One 7 1/2 Inch By 4 Inch Loaf Tin
1. Preheat oven to 175C. Grease and line the loaf tin.
2. Cream butter, sugar and vanilla essence till light & fluffy.
3. Add in the eggs a bit at a time till well mixed.
4. Fold in the sieved flour and stir until just combined.
5. Fill up the loaf tin and bake at 175C for 35 to 40 minutes
6. After baking, remove the cake from the loaf tin and cool.
7. Enjoy!

Recipe By Samuel Chan
November 2006