Monday, June 08, 2009

Sam's On MediaCorp Channel 8 (Yummy Yummy Lunch Box)

Kids, if you’re looking for some culinary inspiration, then help is here! My Yummy Yummy Lunchbox is back with more delicious recipes! This season, 2 teams will learn basic recipes from professional culinary teachers. From pasta to omelettes and fried rice, these dishes are the basis for more to come. Once having mastered the skill, the teams then go head to head by turning the simple dish into something deliciously new! Be inspired as they cook up a storm in the kitchen - who will come up with the most creative and mouth-watering version? (Adapted from MediaCorp Channel 8 Website).

I will be featured on the 4th Episode whereby I will be teaching the kids how to make Choux Pastries. 

This episode will be televised over Mediacorp's Channel 8 on Sunday 28th June 2008 @ 10am.

More details can be found on the following website.

Special thanks to the producer Ms Ng Lee Yi and screen writer Mr Dah Jui Hoon from The Moving Visuals Company for this opportunity.