Monday, February 12, 2007

Designer Tang Yuan (aka Fruitee Moochi Ball)

Designer Tang Yuan (aka Fruitee Moochi Ball)

Yes and here you have it! Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Balls) filled with Hosen canned fruits (in particular, Lychee and Longan).

The creation of this product started off as a module "Introduction to Food Product Development" which I took as a Year 2 Food Technology Student at Singapore Polytechnic. Hosen Group Ltd sponsored canned fruits as the product development theme. In a class of 40 students, 10 teams were formed. My team consisting of Cedric, Marcus, Pin Da and me. Spending approximately 10 weeks, many kitchen trials and sensory evaluations were conducted to ensure that the product is widely accepted by the consumers. All our hard work paid off when our product (Designer Tang Yuan) was selected as the top winning entry for this module.

So... What is so special about our Tang Yuans? We have reinvented the concept of eating tang yuan hot. These Designer Tang Yuans are filled with fruits and served chilled.

You could have caught a glimpse of these Tang Yuans featured today on MediaCorp Channel 5 News, Channel 8 News and once again I am on MediaCorp Radio Capital 95.8 FM.

Just in case you are wondering if there is a runner up team. Yes! The runner up team consisting of Sherman, Sharon, Nancy and Sara created Fruit Blue Potato Croquette.