Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cakes & Chocolates

Cakes & Chocolates
Volcs from Julius Truffles, Rich Blueberry Cheesecake from Sam's Cakes & Bakes.

The journey of Sam's Cakes & Bakes was never an easy one to start with. From an online catalogue to a bakejournal with gallery, from an online bakeshop to an online educational bake journal. I still remember all the difficulties throughout these times. All these changes have got to do with the people that I have met and networked throughout the past 4 years.

In cyberspace, many virtual relationships are formed. Be it friendship or business partnerships. A lot of trust is involved as physically both parties do not know each other at all. I never believed that virtual relationships can last, let alone virtual business partnerships relationships.

Not until Julius of
Julius Truffles came along. What started out as an invitation to conduct chocolate courses for me turned out to be an unexplainable friendship being forged. I remember the first time we chatted was through Friendster about how we were both doing a cooking hobby business, and how we had always dreamt of opening our own place one day. Upon seeing my then geocities website, Julius offered to revamp it for me onto blogspot, inclusive of all the graphic designs. Why did he help me? I did not even know him physically.

On further conversing with him, I started to see that there were similarities in the way we dealt with our passion. The passion for creating food.

Today, what you see in the pictures are how we have both progress over the years, showcasing our products as compared to the past, when it was all about perfecting the right recipe. We have moved far ahead of our time, and suddenly I feel that yes, this is what it really means to be passionate.