Thursday, March 01, 2007

Updates… First Off Day and First Working Day

Updates… First Off Day and First Working Day
On Tuesday, our off day, we slept in and decided to have "dim sum" for brunch at this restaurant recommended by Christine which is opposite our hotel. The whole meal cost us VND 280000 (SGD28). Here are the pictures for you to feast your eyes on.

As for dinner, we found a nearby Chinese "Zee Cha" at a corner coffee shop.

On Wednesday, we officially started our first day of work. The hotel we stayed in provided breakfast. Here is our breakfast…

After which, we waited for our transport to take us to the bakery. Here is a picture of Pin Da and me in our uniforms.

Siew Lee and May are attached to the cake decorating department for the first 2 weeks while Pin Da and I are attached to the Research and Development Laboratory. We will swap after 2 weeks. Since pictures paint a thousand words… I shall elaborate on what we learn on Wednesday.
At the R&D laboratory, observing how they vacuum packaged their cakes.Croissants… Part of the frozen dough department
Yes! This is how they do egg wash in the bakery… Much faster than using the paintbrushes.

Sweet bun rolls layered with something close to yam filling. A picture of how these buns are made… Roll and Cut!

Our lunch! At the bakery’s canteen…
The view of from where Pin Da and I rest during our 2 hours long lunch break. (Here, the lunch breaks are longer partly due to the longer working hours and nature of work). After the lunch break, making Pizza using cutter to cut uniform round shapes.
Sweet bun rolls layered with something close to green bean filling.
Last task for the day which took up the whole afternoon… Rounding the plain sweet buns (frozen dough). The pictures show the dough being kneaded, Chef Tan transferring the huge dough into a divider and together with the other staffs, Pin Da and I rounding the sweet buns (frozen dough). Today, will be reporting back to the same department… OITP in Vietnam continues…
Meanwhile, I have gotten a Vietnam Mobile Number. Just in case any of our friends or lecturers needs to contact us. +84938569656.