Sunday, May 20, 2007


Doughnuts... The picture above shows how the shape and design of doughnuts can vary. Look at the first picture, these are doughnuts from Vietnam. At a first glance, these were once upon a time, the most basic form of doughnuts (fried ring shaped dough coated with a layer of powdered sugar). Nowadays, you see that doughnuts have taken on a new look (coloured glazed, jam filled centres, etc...). This is a very evident example of how the food that we eat also evolves with time. Here is a poem written by my culinary teacher, Chef Judy Koh, "Doughnuts with holes in the middle".

Doughnuts with holes in the middle

hands kneading to silky smoothness
stretched so thin it forms skin over timpani
make music the magic of dough
and hear it grow

cut to circles
then in bubbling oil they go
sink, then float and rise
like golden sunshines

golden sunshines
with holes in center
eclipses that mar
the perfect wheel of life

yet little hands will grab
doughnuts with holes in the middle
and laugh at each bite
and doughnuts with holes in the middle
will fill the eclipses that
mar the perfect wheel of life

- Judy Koh, 8th December 2003.

A very interesting food poem to ponder upon. Comparing how life is never perfect just like doughnuts with holes in the middle, yet at every bite of it, you could taste the joys of life and forgets the imperfections of life. To my loyal bake journal readers out there, if you too have a good food poem to share, email me at