Thursday, May 24, 2007


You must be thinking, what is so unique about these prawns. They are just steamed prawns presented in a beautiful way hanging over a coconut shell. I must say, there is so much more that meets the eye.

Usually, when we eat steamed prawns, they are either overcooked, dry, not sweet, mashy or very bouncy (which is due to the alkaline solution that they have been soaked in).

This may look like a simple prawn dish presented in a unique way, but there is a lot to learn from it. Firstly, the prawns are boiled in the coconut water to retain and further enhanced the prawns sweetness. Secondly, they are put over the sides of the coconut shell. This coconut shell is placed over some solid fuel and lighted. The sweet fragrance of the prawns is evolved.

The gastronomy science behind cooking the prawns ends here, but there is still the savouring side. As we take one prawn out of the coconut shell, the outer shell is warm and does not scald our fingers which ease peeling of the prawns. Next, you will observed that the prawns are cooked to perfection in terms of colour and texture. As you placed it into your mouth, the prawn is naturally bouncy, free of the alkaline taste.

Definitely a dish to whip up for parties and it will surely be a conversational piece. You can wow your guest by telling them the gastronomical science of cooking and eating prawns.