Monday, June 04, 2007

Seedless Lychees???

Seedless Lychees???
My parents just bought these lychees back from Guangzhou, China and it was sitting in the fridge. Being the food technologist in the house, I decided to snap a photo of the two types of lychees and blog about it in my bake journal entry.

You would probably have seen seedless watermelons, seedless oranges, seedless grapes... I bet you have not seen seedless lychees! I must say that in Singapore, it is not impossible to see lychees with very small seed, in some cases, would be classified as "seedless". The lychees on the right of the picture is what a normal lychee should look like on the outside and inside. Generally, they are small, slightly rough skin and sweet and juicy on the inside with a seed in the centre.

As for the lychees on the right, I must say that they are mutants. Seedless! As to the overall taste of the fruit, it tasted very artificially sweet and the skin of the seedless lychees are smooth and thin.

All I can say, this is what the world is heading towards, convenience fruits... Soon, there maybe even seedless mangoes, seedless durians, seedless longans, seedless rambutans, etc...