Saturday, September 29, 2007

Apple Day - Sam's The Big Apple

Apple Day - Sam's The Big Apple

Thanks to Zorra of Kochtopf for her kind invitation to participate in this blog event on 28th September 2007, Apple Day.

Coincidentally, just over a week ago, I was coming up with a design for my apple muffins and as a fan of Granny's Smith green apples, I have decided to make my muffins look like apples. Baked in an apple designed cup, it further enhances the apple muffin. At Sam's, it is known as "The Big Apple".

When using apples in baking, it is good to use a mixture of red and green apples. The red apples (such as Royal Gala) will provide natural sweetness and the green apples (such as Granny's Smith) will give a crunch and tartness to the baked product. In addition, when the apples are being peeled, they should be tossed in lemon juice to prevent any enzymatic browning from occuring. Some books will tell you to use salt solution. In my opinion, the salt solution will leave some slight salty aftertaste in the apples which may be unpleasant in the baked product.

Apples are very versatile fruits. They can be eaten on its own, tossed with other greens to form a salad, cooked with cinnamon and cloves and used as pie fillings, and baked into muffins, pies and cakes.

Remember, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

Special Thanks to Halcyon Photography for the Photograph on Sam's The Big Apple.