Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sam's Healthy Carrot Cupcakes

Sam's Healthy Carrot Cupcakes

These mouthwatering Carrot Cupcakes has come a long way since I first made them slightly more than a year ago. Today, it has become a well-loved product of Sam's. It is not only nutritiously packed with lots of carrots (beta-carotene which is good for the eyes), sunflower oil is also used instead of butter (which has lower saturated fats) and it is high in calcium from the milk used.

When I first made these Carrot Cupcakes, there were various feedbacks. The "Ang Mo" Carrot Cake lovers find the texture of these cupcakes too soft as compared to the traditional one which is rougher and heavier. Those who love the "Singapore" Carrot Cake, often confused this with the savoury version found in your neighbourhood hawker stalls.

Even the way these Carrot Cupcakes looked has changed over the past year. From covering them with a layer of cream cheese frosting to decorating these Carrot Cupcakes with a handmade edible marzipan carrot.

Sam's Healthy Carrot Cupcakes... Have you tried them yet?

Special Thanks to Halcyon Photography for the Photograph on Sam's Carrot Cupcakes.