Sunday, December 16, 2007

YMCA - Festival of Love 2007 (Christmas Cookies)

YMCA - Festival of Love 2007 (Christmas Cookies)

With Christmas round the corner, I was given the opportunity work with YMCA on one of their charity events - Festival of Love. This is apparently the 3rd and final run for this year. Earlier this year, they made pineapple tarts for Chinese New Year and rice dumplings for Dumplings Festival.

For Christmas, they requested me to teach the members, staffs and volunteers how to make gingerbread man cookies for a children's home. As gingerbread may not appeal to the children, I decided to teach them how to make a simple cut-out cookie that they can then decorate with royal icing, topped with hundreds and thousands, M&Ms, etc.

Despite the time constraints, we managed to complete the required number of packets of cookies.

Special thanks to Angeline and Annie for providing the necessary ingredients and equipments and I hope to be part of future events such as this organised by YMCA.